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BURDA STYLE Março 2013

I have already blogged about the March issue of Burda Style here, but now the review for the whole magazine is out and you all know how much I love Burda and it is always nice to see what they have in store for us, so here are my favorite pattrns from the March magazine... 

Eu adoro a Burda Style muito mesmo e já tinha postado aqui algumas coisas da edição de março, mas aí vão mais peças que adorei:


This pattern for a blouse (above and bellow) from the Plus section is very nice!

Same as this pattern for a dress (above) and tunic (bellow), love it!

I love the yellow jacket- and hate the cropped top trend, hehehe... This section with the flowers and feminine clothes is just beautiful:
Loved the lacy top - there´s a "bridal" version for it down bellow- and the printed pencil skirt.

Really really liked the dress above. And the one bellow!
I do like dresses from the bridal section, I think they work beautifully as maxi dresses for everyday (?!) 


And this "rock'n'roll" section is so nice. 
OOOOOhhhhhh, this vintage pattern for a blouse is lovelylovelylovely!!! 

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