quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013


Another trip to the fabrics shops and this is the damage:

Acho melhor nem falar nada! Rsrs, brincadeira, essas são minhas últimas aquisições têxteis, hehehe!
A rainbow of Swarovski sew-on crystals!!
Bom, e "bordáveis": cristais da Swarovski para costurar em 10 cores...

Two gorgeous Liberty prints from Firenze Tecidos : a cotton fabric and a silk one! I´m in love!
Dois tecidos Liberty da Firenze Tecidos, o de cima é um algodão e o de baixo uma seda. Absolutamente maravilhosos!

And GJ Tecidos fabrics below.

E os abaixo são da GJ Tecidos.
summer boucle /  bouclé em cores vivas
very fine knit fabric / tricô "retrô"
silk chiffon and silk satin in the exact same color! / 
chiffon e cetim de seda no mesmíssimo tom!  
Italian linen / linho italiano
   a wonderful printed silk mousseline / musseline de seda com uma estampinha que amei!
delicate and so soft silk and cotton fabric /  algodão com seda com bolinhas!!
and yet another gorgeous silk mousseline with metal threads! So beautiful! /
e mais uma musseline de seda com fiozinhos dourados MARAVILHOSA!

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  1. wow! gorgeous fabrics!! I loved all of them, especially the Liberty silk, the boucle, the turquoise chiffon and satin and the last one. I wonder, are fabrics expensive in Brazil? just curious to know how much they cost if you don't mind :-)

    1. Dear Sewpergirl! Thanks for your comment! I guess the fabrics in Brazil are on the expensive side. Right now the real/us dollar exchange rate is really bad for us, 1 us dollar = 2,25 reais(!!), but if it ever gets better things will only be more expensive in dollar! Of course you can get fabrics in any range of quality and price, but the good stuff is dear, and I have this thing of avoiding synthetics at all costs. The pure silk fabrics are about US$30-35, the cottons about US$20, but here in Brazil fabrics are sold by the meter, not yard (1 yard= 0,91 m), so we get a little bit more of material in those prices. Also the width of the fabric is 1,40m, which is good. What do you think, does it sound $$$ ? The Liberty silk was a splurge, but what can we do, we sewers when we like a fabric we must have it... It is original/genuine Liberty, silk, blah-blah-blah and it cost me about US$100 a meter!!!! Better get something amazing out of it! Now the clothes and accessories here are REALLY expensive :(((( What about in Israel?

    2. Hi Heidi, I only saw your response now, linking from your current post! lol :-)
      That sounds verrry expensive!
      I know what you mean about we sewers when we see a nice fabric we have to have it. It's a bit sad I guess... my sewing room is too small for all the fabrics I buy (not kidding), I've already filled part of my clothes closet with fabrics, and I never get time to sew. Especially in the last year since my baby was born.
      I guess what we buy is the fantasy or "option" to sew and that satisfies us almost as sewing itself.
      As you, I'm also obssessed with sewing magazines, and every Manaquim or burda that comes out I swear I'll make at least 2 or 3 items. lol...
      But.... at least I buy cheaper fabrics. here cottons are about 5-7$ but you have to dig to find the good quality ones. Recently I buy my fabrics online in fabric.com, I think their fabrics are great quality and quite cheap, especially when they have a sale going on.
      Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Libby ! I am kinda relieved to know I am not alone in my fabric hoarding, lol! As for magazines, oh my, I better don´t even go there, hahaha!! I have tons and right now I am into buying vintage ones online, so I can´t really see when THAT is going to end ;) :)))))))))))))))))))))))))