terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012


essa é a terceira postagem da Burda de junho, mas agora só meus favoritos com os detalhes das peças e o desenho técnico.

It´s the third post about Burda June, but now only my favorites with the technical drawings and clothes pictures.

I love the golden parka. It would work in satin, I think.

 In the magazine preview the people from Burda say you will need a lot of fabric for this skirt. I think it´s worth it! A maxi skirt in pink silk...

I really like these pieces, they look lovely in fresh summery cottons.

 Now these dresses are absolutely fabulous!  I LOVE  the 20´s felling, the sheer material and the lace cami! I imagined this dress in a cream sheer silk gazar with a black sequins cami... gorgeous!


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