segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012


As revistas deste mês estão tão sem graça! Da Manequim de junho não gostei nadica, e agora a Burda de julho está tão assim-assim... Tem uma matéria de lenços que até que é bonitinha mas cá entre nós, quem precisa de moldes para amarrar dois lenços? A matéria dos vestidos anos 20 - adoro esse estilo- tem uns vestidinhos mais ou menos com cores que não gostei nadica... talvez os modelagens sejam legais e a gente possa costurar coisas bem legais, mas os da revista, :(... Depois tem uma matéria de denim que também não gostei. E finalmente uma de blusinhas bem fresquinhas bonitinhas, mas nada de UAU. Até mesmo o vestido  mostrado pela atriz Julie Delpy é mais bonito no croqui!

Is it just me or the patterns magazines have been totally blah recently? Patrones 315 isn´t great, I was really disappointed with Manequim 637, and now there´s nothing in Burda Style July 2012!
There´s a bunch of nice foulard pieces, but come on, who needs patterns to tie two foulards together and make a blouse? Then there are some flapper dresses and as much as I like the style, I didn´t like ONE single dres.I really didn´t like the colors they chose... but of course if the pattern is good we can create nice pieces, and the patterns do look great. Then there´s a denim article and I liked the setting, but the clothes, nope. And finally some fresh, cute blouses for summer, but nothing that me me go WOW, I need this!!! Even the dress worn by actress Julie Delpy is much better in the illustration.
I´m really looking forward the next month´s issue... I love August Burda Style, last year´s was one of my favorite ever! And then the fall and winter collections and lookbooks and catalogues. People from the Northen Hemisphere make beautiful fall and winter fashions...! And just at the same time spring and summer collections will be arriving in stores and magazines here in Brazil, where there´s always beautiful fashion for the season!

this blue blouse is the only piece in the issue that I´d like to sew...
oh, the illustration is so much nicer than the real thing...

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