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MANEQUIM 653 Setembro 2013

September marks the begining of spring and this month's Manequim sure is in the mood for lighter fabrics and bold prints. Although I liked this issue and found it fresh and happy, I am extremely picky when it comes to prints (which means I would not wear most of the clothes from this edition, nor buy fabrics in these prints). And the two patterns that did make it to my "OMG-I-really-like-this-gotta-have-it " list are waaay to young, so... Anyway, take a look: 

Setembro! Primavera! Tecidos leves e estampas!!!Gostei dessa edição da Manequim, mas para ser totalmente sincera, não usaria quase nada, hehehe... mas a revista está interessante!
As always, the feature that caught my eye is the designer inspired one and this month's chosen is Proenza Schouler, and as always, the most interesting pieces - the jacket and the skirt - DON'T have a pattern :( I did like the blouses below, though  

A matéria "Sempre Bem-Vestida", inspirada em Proenza Schouler, está bonita, como sempre... mas de novo, as roupas mais legais não têm molde. Por que, Manequim, por que? 
I am leaving the best for last, so my favourite pieces are at the end of this post.  I am showing you the styling ideas pages next, and for some reason there are only three pages of those in this issue (well, the real reason is that they cut down on this pages, usually 5 or 6, to add a ten-page bank add, yes, a bank add) As you can see below, there are some garments in animal prints but, oh boy, if you think I am picky when it comes to prints, I am totally impossible when it comes to animal prints. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE animal prints, it is just that I think that is one of those things that gets really wrong, let's say, 95% of the time... im my opinion they are almost always hideous, sorry!     

Olha gente, cortaram as páginas dos looks, que geralmente são 5 ou 6, e colocaram uma propaganda de banco de 10 páginas!! Muito feio isso! Tem muita coisa em estampa animal, mas taí uma coisa com que sou totalmente nojenta: eu acho que mais ou menos noventa e cinco por cento - mais para mais, mesmo - das estampas de animal são, sinceramente, AMO estampa animal, tenho algumas peças que adoro, lógico, mas se tem uma coisa que provavelmente vai ficar feia e brega, é a estampa animal... 

So next a summer trends article...nice things!

A matéria das tendências (ica) de verão está legal também, mas preciso repetir que não usaria praticamente nada, rsrsrs. 
I love the black and white top, but unfortunately the pattern is for the shorts 

Amei o top acima, mas o molde é do shorts (?!?!?!)
And I really like the stripes above, but we would never find such a fabric here... 

Amei o veswtido acima, amei as cores das listras!  

Next there is a "work" clothes article, and the blue drees below is great, even though you cannot see it in the picture, but check the pattern out: 

O artigo de "trabalho" também tem peças legais, e esse vestido azul é lindinho, apesar de não dar para ver na foto 

And finally my favorite feature, the cover one! I loved the cover dress - but again, I would NEVER find this fabric!!! 

Ah, minha metéria favorita! O vestido da capa eu amei!

I also think the dress below is really interesting, although I would never wear it, ;)

My two favorite pieces, the waaaaaay too young ones: the cropped top and the flowery skirt! 

A-M-E-I o top cropped- só que só para as novinhas, né?- e a saia.

AND the absolutely wonderful peacock print blazer. Oh, wait, didn´t I just say how much I hate most of animal prints? Yeap, but this one is definitely in the 5% of prints that made the cut!!! Sadly, I have to say again that such a fabric IS NOT available anywhere here in Brazil :((((((((((((((  

Gente costureira e arteira do Brasil! Onde encontramos esses tecidos MARAVILHOSOS com estampas MARAVILHOSAS?  Porque euzinha nunca, jamais encontro tecidos assim. Essa estampa de pavão é divina! Eu sei, eu sei, acabei de dizer que acho estampa animal geralmente um horror, mas disse também que amo, e essa aí achei lindssima! Se alguém souber onde tem um tecido assim, por favor me diga, tá? 

What do you think of this issue?

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I absolutely love this issue ! Most of the time it's the fabrics that are gorgeous but there are also at least 3-4 models that I find interesting and this justifies investing some money in this issue :) (the only way ot have it is to buy it over ebay).

    In case I haven't said it before, each month I look forward your Manequim reviews. Keep it going !

    1. thank you so much for your comment, Elina! Have you tried an international subscription? I know Manequim has them, although I don´t know how or if it works and I don´t know about the cost...And I totally agree that the fabrics are just wonderful!!! Are you able to find these kind of fabrics in your country???

    2. Finding good fabrics on an acceptable price might be quite a challenge :). There are less and less fabrics stores (I'm afraid they will dispappear one day) and the quality is questionnable sometimes. The other possibility is to buy online but I find it quite difficult to juge for a fabric only by a small image. There is interesting stuff here: and they ship worldwide :).

      How are fabrics stores in Brasil ?

    3. There are still excellent quality fabrics available, but they are harder and harder to find. Many factories have closed down in the last years... These good fabrics don't come cheap, obviously, and the cheaper synthetics are almost everywhere. It is reaaly bad if we consider ready- made clothes, almost everything is synthetic and VERY expensive... Also, sewing is not a common normal cultural thing here. When I tell people I can sew they look at me as if I were from puter space, lol. I guess that's why the prints I adore so are almost impossible to come by, because they are especially designed for clothes brands. As for buying online, I have never done it because I think it is very risky to judge the color/print/ and so on, but I think i'll give it a try sometime! As for my favorite stores here, they ARE amazing!! And my favorite fabric store in the world is BRITEX FABRICS in San Francisco!
      Thanks for the tip about alfatex! isn' t it where most of the Burda featured fabrics come from?

    4. I agree with you 100% on ready-to-wear clothes and the fabrics quality. And this is the reason I am less and less willing to give my money for them :).

      As you said it, good quality fabric = hard to find and pricey. Unless you live in Paris or Florence :). I was in Florence this summer and it was a pleasure for my eyes to see a real fabrics store full of quality stuff and a sales person who really knows what he is selling :). But then if you are planning on sewing a nice draped dress, it would be not less than 200 euros (I would reserve this only for very special occasions).

      As for buying online, I think I would give it a try one of these days. In my opinion, fabrics stores are about to disappear (sooner or later) because people do not sew anymore.

      Yes, alfatex sell Burda fabrics.

      And do you know Mood Fabrics ? It's an american online store and they have nice things. It should be easier to send to Brazil (Alfatex are Germans, so they would charge a lot more for transport).

      Oh and thanks for suggesting Britex, I had a glimpse on their website and it is well explained and presented.

    5. I know Mood from Project Runway, lol. And I have never been to Florence, but if I ever do, I'll check their fabric stores!

      The solid cottons here go for 20-30 €, the silks for about 50€, which is a lot here if you consider that the minimum wage is a little more than 200€ a month:(((

      Now what really makes me mad is the prices in high-end ready-to-wear stores, where a cotton tunic will sell for 150€, but that is for a garment imported from Asia which I guess cost about 10US$ to be made. And as the quality is less and less satisfactory, so the fact that the brand is a high-end one just makes it all worse. I think that if you sew you can spot quality from miles away and can make better sense of the cost-benefit conundrum...but this is just one of the benifits of sewing, isn't it ? ;)

  2. Thank you very much for you reviews, I enjoy them a lot!
    Are there any other sewing magazines in Brasil? Could you show them? (Not Burda :) because we have it all over the world)

    1. Thank you very much for your commnent! We do have some other magazines here, but I buy them very occasionally, but next time I get one I will blog about it! Now what I am really missing this year are the "MANEQUIM FESTA" issues, that were published twice a year until last year... Let´s hope Manequim publishes at least the November issue, for the Holiday Season :)))