segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2014


These Japanese pattern books are amazing! I got this Vionnet book and the patterns just awe me! The parts just don´t look like the finished garment at all, and I think this 
woman was a genious Also, most of the clothes are from the 1910´s and 20's , and would still look amazing today! This is pure sheer beauty to me!

Eu adoro esse livros japoneses! Olha esse sobre a fantástica e genial Madeleine Vionnet! Os moldes não se parecem em nada com o modelo final, e a maioria das roupas são das décadas de 1910 e 1920, e são maravilhosas até hoje! Eu acho isso belíssimo! 
Look at the coat pieces!!!

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    Such a pitty that the book is in Japanese. I found another one on amazon, but it doesn't look the same (Madeleine Vionnet by Bettie Kirke).

    What about the patterns, is there a pattern sheet or just explanations and schemes ? I think of investing in a copy of the book but then the language is a bit of a problem :).


    1. Dear Elina, the book is indeed fabulous! On the down side, it is expensive, it is in Japanese - which I can´t read, lol- it is in black and white and it doesn´t have a pattern sheet, just schemes on squared paper. Oh, and for the life of me I couldn´t find the material requirements, which means that I would have to trace the patters and then calculate the amount of fabric needed... :( Now, for the good things: it is available on ETSY, the explanations are all in drawings and that makes it ok, I guess, hehehe, there are 28 patterns, and the clothes are AMAZING!!!!!!

    2. Thanks for the information!

      Here are some details on the techniques used by Madeleibne: