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MANEQUIM 670 - Janeiro 2015

First Manequim from 2015 and here´s what I like (not so many things, actually)
Starting with the Styling ideas pages - there are only four:

A primeira edição de 2015 da Manequim está bem fraquinha...só 4 páginas de looks...

There is an article on the sporty clothes trend, and I liked the jacket and skirt below. Unfortunately, the patterns are for the dress and top :(
O artigo de roupas inspiradas em esportes (eu gostei da jaqueta e da saia abaixo, mas elas não têm molde): 
Now, I loved the white skirt!
e AMEI essa saia branca!

Next article : clothes for the evening. I like the baby blue shorts and blouse ( I wouldn´t wear shorts, but I like them)
Do artigo de roupas para sair à noite, adorei o conjuntinho azul:
Nice dress, though for me this is a beach dress...
e esse vestido é bonito também.
I liked the tops and the skirt too.
Dois tops bacanas e uma saia idem:

The "designer inspired" section is not inspired by any designer this month, but by the 70's - which I love! I loved the flowery blouse-dress and I liked the flare pants too, although I would never-ever use lace as an insert in pants...  
O "Sempre Bem Vestida" mudou, aparentemente. Nessa edição o artigo é inspirado nos anos setenta, que eu AMO! Amei a blusa-vestido de florzinhas e a calça também, apesar de não imaginar o porquê de se colocar um detalhe de renda na perna :( 

And finally the cover: four very feminine dresses ! :))) I liked them all, I just think the low backs are a little too much.
E finalmente, a capa! Quatro vestidos lindinhos (achei os decotes nas costas dos dois primeiros exagerados...) 

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  1. Hi, I'm from Australia and its hard to get Manequim except eBay. I am thinking I quite like this issue from your post especially the cover dresses - would you be able to tell me the sizes of those patterns please? If they are near my size then I might order this issue. Thank you for posting the previews I love seeing what is in Manequim even if it is hard for me to get hold of the issues.

    1. Dear Gita! So nice to read your comment! I know how hard it is to get international magazines all over the world. I think there was an international subscription to Manequim, have you ever heard of it? I will try to get some updates on that, and when I do, I will blog about it!
      Now for the sizing ( in order of appearance): the yellow dress is 40; the pink one is 38; the cover, red one is 42 and the black is 40. From next review on, I will mention the sizes of the patterns I publish. I hope that will help a little, since I blog only about the stuff I like and not the whole magazine, ;)
      All the best to you

  2. Thanks Heidi :) the red dress is the one I like the most and it is the closest to my size - okay I still have to size up but not by multiple sizes. I am very tempted to try and get this issue. The reason I don't subscribe to Manequim is that (asides from them never replying to my inquiry about subscriptions) the patterns are for single sizes not multi sized like Burda and Patrones so I would have to do a lot of upsizing to get the patterns to fit. But I love the styles from Manequim which is why I really like following your blog so I can see what is in the magazine and then can buy the ones I like individually. More expensive per issue but overall it is cheaper. Thanks again :)