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Some years back I saw Cirque du Soleil' s Ô show, and one performance gave me the goosebumps- well, more than the normal amount of goosebumps I get all the time when watching this amazing group : it was a guy making fire malabarism in complete dark and silence and then when he finishes he puts off the fire and screams with this agonizing voice in total blackness : "WHERE IS YOUR SOUL"? I cried...  
What are we made of? Where does the stuff that makes us "us" come from? Where and when did my immense love and respect and compassion for all living things take its first steps? When did the magic of concocting sweets and breads and all things baked sweep me off my feet? Where, when and why?
Where was my passion for fashion and design and books and cinema and music and traveling and ART born? When did I learn that there are universes inside books? And that are even more universes to be explored on our amazing Earth? At what time did I realize that there are thousands of lives to be read, millions of works of art to be seen? When did I start fantasizing Paradise is some kind of library where I can spend eternity with all of the books on earth and my loved ones and all of the animals I have ever even encountered  in my life running around me in complete happiness and contentment? 
Of course I remember my parents' and my grandma's influences, but did they teach me what to love? Did they put "it" there, or was "it" there? Did they just somehow stir what was already there, all things I was born with, my head, my heart, my soul??? 
I have no answer as to where and when and why, of course, and these answers are not important, but I can honestly say that after years and years of very painful soul checking and searching I know that what really matters is that these are some of the things that make me what I am, and because they are in me, they are comforting and make me happy, they are some of the wonderful places where my mind and heart are...
So guy with the fire, take a look, because some of my soul is right here (and honestly, this is what this blog is about, things I love and we are what we love):

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