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Manequim was very late this month and when it finally arrived I thought this issue  is different from the usual Manequim: the clothes seem darker, greyer, less colorful, the patterns seem cleaner, more classic, and although I didn´t count the previous numbers, I think there are fewer patterns in the June issue (there are 32 patterns: 8 blouses, 8 dresses, 6 coats/jackets, 3 waistcoats, 2 skirts, 2 pants, 2 lingeries and 1 jumpsuit).

I am posting the coats/jackets more as a treat for you people who live in cold countries and I would really like to hear what you think. And to me it is even a little funny to have this many patterns for clothes that to be totally honest, 80% of people living in Brazil would NEVER need... I love winter, I love winter clothes , I love coats and jackets, but none of the pieces caught my eye but the little kimono style coat (and to be quite frank, I don´t trust Manequim patterns that much to make such big projects using their patterns... )

All that being said, and keeping in mind that I do love minimal and classic shapes and silhouettes,  I am calling this issue the "dress and blouse " issue,  because I just loved, loved some pieces!

A Manequim chegou super atrasada e é bem diferente das outras: bem escura, séria, sem cor, mas esse estilo minimalista e clássico eu adoro. Adorei a matéria inspirada na Jil Sander, lógico, né? E gostei muito de uns vestidoe e blusas, especialmente o vestido branco da Mayane Neiva, absolutamente maravilhoso! 

These are the 6  coats/jackets:                      

The lingerie pieces are plus sizes.

I liked these three blouses below:

My usual favorite article of the month, the designer inspired spread. Only 3 patterns, but I loved the dress!

And 3 beuatiful dresses, especially the white one, which I think is stunning!

What do you think of the June Manequim?

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