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MANEQUIM 661- Abril 2014- atualizada!

The magazine arrived today and I think it is such a good edition that I wanted to share it with you immediately! I updated the pictures and I think they look a little better. I also added some patterns! Starting with the styling pages- and again, there´s only four of them- well, three and a half, reaaly...

A Manequim chegou hoje e eu queria compartilhar o mais rápido possível porque eu gosteeeeeeei... atualizei as fotinhos que ficarem menos ruins, hehehe e acrescentei umas peças das quais gostei. Como sempre, começamos com as páginas finais, as dos looks, só que são só três e meia , :(((((( 

The spread everybody waits for: the Oscars/Golden Globes gowns!!! there you go:

A matéria do Oscar! 
Now why did the people from Manequim photoshop Charlize´s dress and change the pattern is honestly beyond me...I really don´t like this transparent over whatever look, but the only dress I have ever seen in my life with this trend that I liked was Charlize´s Dior number from the Oscars (besides the Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture Collection ones, of course, lol), and these people go and change it... :((((

Então, o vestido mais lindo do Oscar, o Dior da Charlize Theron, foi modificado!!! Por quê, por quê, por quêêêêêêê?????????????????????????????????  
and the original one:


The designer inspiration is Viktor & Rolf and the nice jacket, sweet blouse and cute skirt have patterns, yay!! 

A inspiração deste mês é Viktor & Rolf, e a blusica fofica, a sainha lindinha e a jaqueta mara têm moldes! 

I like the peplum top and the faux leather dress from the Winter must-haves. 

Do artigo de essenciais de inverno, gostei da blusa peplum e do vestido de couro ecológico! 
I like the styling below and like the shape of the skirt, but scratch the sheer over not-sheer thing...

Cutest polka dot silk shirt!

I like the sweatshirt material pants.

The article about "Wearing your summer clothes in the fall" is really interesting, because the patterns are for the new season's clothes, so more new stuff! 

E a matéria de como usar suas roupas de verão no inverno tem um monte de moldes legais

I am totally into bomber jackets and will post mine soon, hehehe 
vou postar minha jaquetinha bomber logo, hehehehehe  

And finally the cover spread with some lovely sporty patterns! Oh wait, is that another bomber :)

E o artigo da capa:
(btw, the body has a pattern too)

oh,and a very interesting color block blazer, although the sleeves look way too wide, don´t they?


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  1. Lots of good patterns this month! I really like the sporty section at the end. I renewed my subscription back in January and still haven't received an issue yet... I'm going to be really broken hearted if this issue doesn't show up in my mailbox!

    1. I sure hope you get your issue, Jamie! Oh, I do like the sporty section too...:)))