quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Mini preview da BURDA STYLE de Maio

It looks like Burda Style May is a looooot nicer than the April edition. I love these bomber jackets and as a matter of fact I have just made one for myself! Stay tuned to see it and the styling soon, lol! 

Parece que a Burda Style de maio vai ser lindinha, super feminina e clássica, o que é ótimo depois da edição passada... eu adoro essas jaquetas "bomber" acima e acabei de fazer uma que amei - o post dela vai ser em breve, hehehehe. 

I also like the "work" clothes. The blouse above is very feminine and classic, as the skirt below in this beautiful print! Oh, and there is another version of the bomber jacket, this time ia a fuchsia brocade, it seems, ;) 

A matéria com roupinhas para escritório também está bem legal, olhem essa blusa acima e essa saia abaixo. Ah, e na foto, outra versão da bomber, dessa vez num pinquizão:

And then I loved the dresses below, even though I hate the fabrics they chose, hehehe

Eu também adorei esses vestidos, apesar de odiar os estampas, rsrsrsrs. Bom, da cor do vestido coral eu gostei:

4 comentários:

  1. Wow, the preview looks good! I can't wait to see your bomber jacket. I've been meaning to make one too.

  2. It DOES look a good issue, Jamie! And I´ll post my bomber asap. Hope you like it, :)

  3. Looks pretty promising this issue! I'm eager to see it in store. And also, I'm nicely surprised that Burda is still capable of producing beautiful patterns. Good work, Burda :)

  4. Yes, Elina, I agree with you, Burda is almost always beautifully classic and timeless!