terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012


Hoje chegou minha MANEQUIM de abril com a maravilhosa CAROLINA na capa! Adorei a revista, mas agora estou perdida porque tenho mais projetos do que já tinha antes!
Ainda estou esperando uma matéria com veludo, que é um tecido que amo muito e que aparentemente vai ser hit. Tomara que nas próximas edições a MANEQUIM faça uma matéria com muitas peças em veludo...

Is it just me, or are there other sewers out there who get a little crazy everytime they get a new magazine and go "I have to make this one and this one and that one"?  I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the inspiration around piling up on top of everything I already want to sew. And I am having no time to sew these weeks, so my Sewing Factory is turning out to be a "Where is the actual Sewing Factory".I´m posting only magazines and lookbooks and ideas and things that inspire me instead of finished projects. I love all those things, everything I post makes me happy, but I dream of finding a balance between posting the things I LIKE and the things I MADE.

Today I got my MANEQUIM 635, and I loved this issue featuring a Brazilian fashion icon on the cover.

I really like sequins in all shapes and forms, and I want a sequined sweater (as I mentioned before). I loved this little jacket!

Pretty clothes from a popular soap opera. What wouldn´t look great on the beautiful actress, though? 

Now I REALLY WANT a pair of leather pants! I want mine in golden leather !

I´m not that into animal prints, but every now and then I come across a print or color I like! The dress is beautiful!

the featured designer is Marc Jacobs, and I think the clothes in the spread are great!
the polka dot skirt, the gren dress and the greyish blouse with lace have patterns.

I haven´t seen an article on velvet yet, I hope the next issues of MANEQUIM bring velvet patterns.   

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