quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012


Finalmente uma Manequim com muita coisa bonita!!! Bem diferente da anterior, as roupas 
dessa edição são delicadas, femininas e suaves! (e meu scanner continua quebrado...)

 Finally a Manequim issue that I liked!! This issue is very different from Manequim 643, the clothes are delicate, feminine and romantic, just the way I like it!
And I think that you sewers out there in the world will be happy to know that many patterns 
are elaborate and full of interesting details.
Lindinho o vestido GG.
I really like the plus size dress.
As roupas da Glória Pires são bonitas!
I liked the clothes worn by Glória Pires!
As roupas inspiradas na Fendi sõ lindas, mas só 3 moldes: a blusa branca que é linda, o vestido amarelo que é legal, e a saia listrada :( Mas os looks são lindos, amei! 

The Fendi inspired spread is just lovely, but unfortunaly only three pieces have patterns: the beautiful white blouse, the yellow dress and the skirt. It´s such a pity that the amazing little jacket does not have a pattern...
But I did like the outfits .
Amei 3 roupinhas da matéria "Chique no Calor"  a saia amarela, a blusa verde e o vestido de babados!
Now I loved the yellow skirt, the green blouse and the dress below!
A matéria de roupas brancas não tem nenhuma roupa que quero costurar, mas gostei das peças, bem do jeito que eu gosto, simples e românticas! 

Interesting and nice simple white clothes for our New Year's Eve. 
Wearing white is a tradition for us.
esse vestido acima é igual ao modelo 114 da edição de junho da Burda! 
The dress above is so similar to the pattern 114 from Burda Style June
eu não sou fã de macacões, mas gostei do modelo acima. A blusa é transparente!
I do not like catsuits, but I kinda like the one above! The "blouse" is transparent. 
Os dois vestidos abaixo são lindos! Simplérrimos e lindos!!
Now the dresses below made it to my "to-sew" list!! I LOVED them!
What do you think of this issue?

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  1. Wow this is am amazing issue! I have 421 and about to get 642 so I hope this issue hurries up! :)

    I like the white dress 543 and LOVE the yellow one too (533) I am glad they included that pattern.

    I agree with that catsuit/romper, I wasn't sure about that style but I like this version, I think the mini peplum helps it.

    Love the blouse 525 with those cut outs! And the last two are great as well, I think they'll be on my short list! I live that they included a slip with the green one :)

  2. Really really nice issue!! I´m just sorry the little "Fendi" jacket doesn´t have a pattern...as for the two last dresses, I don´t think I can be happy with just one of each, hehehe... I think dress 538 would be beautiful in a long version too! I hope you get your magazines soon!!!

  3. Белая блузка на 51 странице мне очень понравилась!