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MANEQUIM 652 Agosto 2013

It looks like this month´s Manequim and Burda Style exchanged places, so here you have a very long Manequim post... There´s actually isn´t anything new, anything like"I-have-to-have-that-I-already-have-the-perfect-fabric-for-it-or-if-I-don´t-I´m-buying-it-today-and-I'm-soooo-sewing-it-tomorrow", but it is an issue filled with interesting patterns that would come in handy if I want basic, versatile pieces. Like always, lots of cute blouses, like this green one below:    

Olha, essa Manequim está bem legal! Estou postando um monte de peças interessantes, e apesar de não ter nenhuma tipo "nossa, essa eu vou fazer", tem muita coisa que vale à pena colocar nos "projetinhos de peças básicas e versáteis". Taí, gostei desse número! 
 The cover dress would look wonderful in a very thin, delicate and flowy fabric... 
Oh, I like the sleeves in this dress. I would make it a blouse, though ;)
 Well, I wouldn´t wear the dress below, but I like the embroidery around the neck.
 I think the dress below, with a "naked" back, is gorgeous!
 Another cute pattern: 
 My favorite piece of clothing in the whole issue and there´s no pattern:(( I LOVE the "patchwork" pencil skirt! 
 Another cute dress...
and another cute blouse... 
The patterns in the Plus section are nice too!
I really liked the Basics, really liked them, and the good thing is that some of the pieces styled together have patterns too...
 Loooved the midi skirt with the three-color blouse!
Ok, I don´t own or know any woman who actually owns a jumper, but I find these looks cute:
 I like the wide-leg pants.

 The designer- inspired article is cute too:
I love the leather jacket, but where on earth would I find ombré leather?????? Not here in Brazil, that´s for sure. 

And finally, the styling tips pages!
See, quite a lot of nice, simple things that caught my eye. What do you think of this issue?

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