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MANEQUIM 655 - Novembro 2013

This is a very long post...Well, I usually only blog about things that I like and don´t waste my time badmouthing anything because this is a blog of no consequence, a blog about the things that make me happy because I find them beautiful, but not today, today I am ANGRY... First of all, because I am really mad at the Manequim people. They have absolutely no respect for the subscribers and their planning is, well, non-existent... The magazine hits the newstands nobody knows when, each month on a different date, each month later than the month before. And we subscribers get the magazine after that. Have any of you ever heard of that? I guess no, it´s another of those hundreds of nonsensical things that only happen in Brazil, I am very sorry to say...Ok, this means I got my magazine today, on the 11th of November, which seems terribly late for me, but clearly is of no worries to the Manequim people. Second, what is this cover?????I have never done this before in my blog, 
but isn´t this the most hideous thing you have ever seen in your lives? A sequins jumpsuit?? I don´t mind jumpsuits, I love sequins, but what is THAT? I guess all my dislike is due to the fact that the material looks like the cheapest and lowest-quality the people who made the jumpsuit could get their hands on...  And why, in the name of everything that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, choose this garment for the cover, oh why?????? 
All that being said, it is obvious that I was expecting an awful magazine but it was quite a nice surprise when I flipped through it. There is only one little jacket that I am sooo sewing, but I liked a lot of things besides it, take a look: 

Esse post está super longo por dois motivos. Primeiro, um desabafo: o quê que acontece com a Manequim, todo mês chegando mais atrasada, e primeiro nas bancas, só depois para os assinantes??? Depois, gente, o quê que é essa capa, em nome de tudo que é agradável para os olhos??? O quê que é isso, sério, é uma pergunta mesmo! Alguma artista da música horrorosa atual usou isso recentemente e virou moda?? Eu amo lantejoulas, eu gosto de macacões, mas isso aí é tão horroroso que tive de sair do meu modus operandi e comentar negativamente, muito negativamente. Parece o tecido mais barato e de pior qualidade da história...  
Bom, chega de falar mal, vamos ao que interessa e falr bem, falar que apesar de tudo a revista está uma boa surpresa, adorei muitas coisas:

Starting with this wonderful leather and sequins evening bag with pattern, yay!!
Adorei a carteira com molde!

The plus size cream silk blouse is lovely!
A blusunha da direita é linda.

My favorite piece, the jacket with such an interesting pattern. I love the sleeves with this u-shaped detail (pattern piece #9)... what is it called in English, an insert?
Nossa, que blazer lindo! Amei! Amei o recorte da manga, amei tudo! 

From the same soap opera character, a silk shirt and a corset:

The other clothes from the cover article:
a nice maxi-dress, a green lace jumpsuit that I really like and a beautiful little red dress.

então né, graças aos deuses daquilo que agrada aos olhos e ao coração, as outra peças da matéria da capa são muito bonitas: tem o maxi vestido, o macacão verde que achei lindo e o vestido vermelho idem!  

Bottega Veneta inspired this month's article:
A "sempre bem-vestida" está legal também: 
(the white bermuda shorts have a pattern too, but I don´t like bermuda shorts, that´s why it is not here, lol.)

Then the party dresses... The first one doesn´t have a pattern, but is so dreamy :)))
esse vestido de sonho não tem molde, mas é tão lindo...
I like this shantung number...
and I love this jumpsuit, love it!
amei esse macacão lindíssimo:
more nice dresses:
mais vestidinhos lindinhos

The "work and play" article:
a lovely cropped top and a white little jacket...
... a beautiful white blouse and a flowy skirt...
adorei a blusa branca e a saia levezinha 
... nice wide-leg pants... 
adorei a pantalona unpretencious white dress...
...and yet another nice jacket! 

And finally a "fashion revival" article, featuring the 20´s, the 60's and the 90´s: 
20´s -I like the fringe dress :)))))))

lindo vestido de franjas!

60's- nice dress and skirt! 
the 90's pieces are a jacket and a shirt, but I didn´t like them, sooo...What do you think of this issue?

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  1. OMG!!! that cover model - the jumpsuit - Charlie's Angel flashbacks from the eighties!!!
    It is exactly that image that has scared me off jumpsuits this time round.( for an explaination)

    1. I still don't understand why they chose it for the cover, WHY? I mean, there's nice stuff in the magazine... Maybe they were trying to shock people, Michelle, lol!