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MANEQUIM 656- Novembro 2

This is the second issue of Manequim this month! Apparently, summer is a very big deal here in Brazil, so much that all the seasons trends won´t fit into a single magazine, LOL!!! 
No, seriously, of course summer is a big deal here, where 3/4 of the country is in a state of permanent summer! So there you have it, Manequim published a summer special magazine. It is a very nice issue although there´s nothing I have to make because it made me dream of sunsets on deserted beaches, with my hair flying in the wind, kkkk. There´s lots of short skirts and dresses and shorts, lots of nice swimsuits WITH patterns, yay! I think I am posting all the patterns in the issue. I liked the trousers most, though. Take a look (oh, oh, I loved the shoes and clutches, loved them):

Surpresa boa: uma segunda edição da Manequim este mês: especial de verão! Não tem nada que eu vou costurar porque preciso para minhas tardes numa praia deserta com os cabelos ao vento (KKKKKKKKK) mas é uma edição legal. Amei as carteiras, os lenços, os acessórios e os sapatos, amei!! E acho que todos os moldes estão nesta postagem.    

Starting with the styling ideas pages:   
Começando com os looks:

The cover feature with really nice pieces. I do like the top and skirt:
Lindas peças:

"Holiday Suitcase". The bikini is absolutely lovely, but it does not have a pattern. I liked the white shirt dress and the linen trousers as well: 
"Male de Viagem". O biquini é lindo, mas não tem molde:(( 

The next article is an "enjoy the beach at any age" spread ;), with swimsuits and cover-ups.
"Praia em qualquer idade". Se você tem...

So if you are in your 20s, wear these:
Vinte anos:

If you are in your 30s:
Trinta anos:

In your 40s:
Quarenta anos:

In your 50s:
Cinquenta anos:

Or in your 60s:
Ou sessenta anos:

Summer 2013/2014 trendy pieces feature, with the clutch that I have to get myself otherwise there´s no meaning in life, hehehe: 

Peças chave, com a carteira que preciso ter para poder viver, rsrsrsrs! 

I love the wide leg trousers above, but no pattern :( 

I like the pants above too!

And finally the plus sizes section with 2 swimsuit patterns :))
E a seção GG, com 2 moldes de maiôs!

What do you think?

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  1. Oh wow! I NEED this issue. Finally, patterns that are short as given my age (I'm 16), I find a lot of sewing patterns are too long and I would love to not have to hack off 10cm + off hems. I hope I can fine it in NZ or somewhere online.

    1. I am glad you liked it, Zoë, and I hope you can get a copy somewhere. There are lots of things for you in the issue for sure. :)