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MANEQUIM 657 - Dezembro 2013

Manequim December arrived full of summery-party clothes, as expected! Nothing made my to-sew list, but I liked the issue very much. I loved the colors, the accessories, the shoes and bags and jewelry and the clutches - I am simply in love with all Serpui Marie clutches...  

A Manequim de dezembro está cheia de roupas para as Festas - lógico, né? Gostei muito dos vestidos brancos. Nadica foi para minha listinha de "tenho de fazer", mas gostei da edição. Só acho que tudo é curto demais, esse vestido da capa, por exemplo, é uma blusa, não(rsrsrs)? Amei as produções, os acessórios, os sapatos, as bijus, e estou completamente apaixonada pelas cartieras da Serpui Marie! :))))))))))))))))))))))))  

There are six pages again with styling ideas :)))) :

os looks (voltaram a ser seis páginas!!):

A pencil skirt, a Kimono jacket and two lovely dresses inspired by Hollywood stars:

Peças das estrelas de Hollywood (os vestidos são lindinhos):

White clothes in the Plus section:

as peças da seção GG são muito interessantes:

Ok, the cover article. Why is everything soooooooooooo short? I love these one-shoulder dresses (I am actually making one right now, which of course I will post here when finished) but this cover one is actually a blouse, isn´t it??? And the golden brocade dress has a beautiful, beautiful back, but I think it would look so much nicer if it were longer... 

Os vestidos da Fernanda Souza também são legais, só muuuuuuuuuuuuuito curtos

Emanuel Ungaro inspired the designer spread and I have to say that I love it again. Unfortunately there are only 3 patterns ( see below). I love the yellow pants with zipers on the sides!

O designer do mês é Ungaro, e é minha parte preferida de novo!

Then there is an article on flowers, and I liked the two dresses. I love the pattern combination of the flowery bermuda shorts and big polka dot blouse and I also likes the sleeveless top with white flare trousers.

Tem uma matéria de tecidos florais, e gostei dos vestidos abaixo, adorei o combinação do tecido floral da bermuda (odeio bermuda, amei o tecido) com poás. 

The "color" article is great, and I really liked that they show two extra styling ideas for the pieces, a neutral one and a colorful one!

Uma matéria muito legal é a das cores. Adorei os looks montados, um neutro e um vibrante!

And then the "White" article. I have mentioned here before, it is traditional to wear white for New Year's Eve in Brazil. White symbolizes peace, and it is almost omnipresent in every New Year´s Eve party in this country- with a very beautiful effect, actually. I liked the clothes in the article, but most of all I liked the jewelry!!!! I find the first dress beautiful, I love the 60's inspired short one, I loved the blouse with lace inserts and golden trimmings worn with an a-line skirt and I really liked the last embroidered top.  
E finalmente a matéria de Réveillon, com roupas lindas, looks que amei e acessórios que "quero tudinho para minzinha!!!"

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    This is another great issue of Manequim. There are a lot of items I would love to make but then in Europe winter is already here and it would have to wait for several months :). Did you hjave a look at the December burda preview ? There are come quite awesome models and I can't wait for the issue to appear in stolls.



    1. Elina, I loved the December Burda! And oh, I wish I were in a cold place right now!!! There's so much I would love to sew from winter issues of Burda!